Máquina CMM de Medición
por Coordenadas Óptica

Máquina de medición óptica para digitalización e inspección 3D
totalmente automatizada.
Fácil programación mediante celda virtual para evitar colisiones.
Pruebas de aceptación en México por CIM Co. y trazable con CMM.

ATOS ScanBox 4105

Injection-molded parts and die cast components as well as their tools, molds, stamping and bending parts often show complex contours and connection geometries which have to be checked during series and batch production ramp-up. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 can be used with ATOS sensors with the smallest single measuring field of 80 x 60 x 60 mm³. Thus, even small details of tenths of a millimeter can be measured. For this reason, the acceptance of the system’s measuring uncertainty in accordance with VDI 2634 with a traceable normal is an integrated function of the software.

ATOS ScanBox 5108 y 5120

The ATOS ScanBox 5108 can be used for inspecting parts up to a size of 800 mm. Due to its small dimensions, the system is often used by manufacturers of turbines, fans, blisks and cast housings. In airfoil inspections, this model can be used for measuring sharp radii in positions and contours with a detail resolution of more than 20 measuring points per millimeter.

In contrast, the ATOS ScanBox 5120 can easily be used to measure parts up to a size of 2000 mm. Therefore, this model is mainly used for measuring large parts such as car interior components. However, the ATOS ScanBox 5120 has also proven its efficiency in casting and forging applications such as the inspection of cast parts, sand cores and models.

ATOS ScanBox 6130

The ATOS ScanBox 6130 is typically used in quality control and production, for example of attached parts and interior parts or in product development and tool try-out. Furthermore, this measuring machine can measure extremely large and heavy parts such as castings or tools. The ATOS ScanBox 6130 has a wide entry of 3.1 m ensuring the use of loading machines such as a crane, forklift truck or pallet truck. Setting up parts and fixtures outside the ATOS ScanBox, leads to a high throughput and is ideally suited for serial operation.

ATOS ScanBox Series 7

For measuring exceptionally large parts, GOM developed the new 8-axis kinematics. The combination of a linear axis, a vertical lift and an articulated robot with an integrated cable duct allows high flexibility in positioning the sensor due to the 8 degrees of freedom. The ATOS ScanBox Series 7 is primarily used in automotive engineering, tool try-out and press shops. In the automotive industry, this model measures large parts such as car side panels and attached parts up to a size of 6 m. The system can be extended by a rotation table working area. It corresponds to the one of the ATOS ScanBox 6130 and allows additional measurements of medium-sized components.

ATOS ScanBox Series 8

The 8-axis kinematics developed by GOM ensures the measurement of whole car bodies from every perspective – from above, below, from the side as well as from the inside – while requiring little space. With the ATOS ScanBox Series 8, GOM is offering a measuring system that is able to measure complete vehicles from the outside and the inside. This model is mainly used in Meisterbock and cubing, for inspections of finished vehicles as well as for quality control in body shops. Measurements of several parts can be virtually merged to evaluate information on gap and flush in a linear manner. The ATOS ScanBox Series 8 can be extended by one or two rotation table working areas.

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